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Chalet restaurant

Restaurant Experimental Chalet

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Active days and nights call for especially satisfying fare. At the Chalet restaurant, Gregory Marchand of Frenchie, one of Paris’s and London’s most sought-after chefs, freshens up mountain food with contemporary flair, to match Fabrizio Casiraghi’s casually elegant design.


Hearty Alpine classics like rösti, spaetzle, aligot and tartiflette are lightened up; line-caught fish from crystal mountain lakes are prepared with care, accompanied by fresh, sustainably sourced salads and vegetables.


For families, the menu offers a selection of freshly made dishes with kids in mind (“coquillettes and cheese,” cordon bleu), as well as a selection of sharable dishes en cocotte to encourage conviviality. There is an afternoon snack hour with treats to please any age, and round-the-clock bar snacks so guests can pop in anytime. Breakfast, one of Marchand’s specialities, is given special care, with house-made granolas, sweet and savory cakes, waffles, egg dishes, fresh juices, and a full complement of viennoiserie.


Our restaurant will be open from December 20th.


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Experimental Chalet


Situated on the first floor of the Experimental Chalet, next to reception hall’s roaring fire, is the bar, a key destination for every Experimental Group property. Serving our signature craft cocktails and an expert selection of wines and spirits, it is an ideal hideaway for “après-ski” get-togethers, pre-dinner apéritifs or as the launchpad for a late night. Continue the evening by going downstairs to the Farm Club, a legendary hot spot that has set the rhythm of Verbier after dark for over 45 years.

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